Nýjung á Íslandi því Hestamannafélagið Sörli í samstarfi við Nicole Gibbard ætlar að vera með jóga/reiðnámskeið fyrir alla hestamenn 3-5 janúar n.k. Ef næg þátttaka fæst. Kennsla fer fram á Sörlastöðum í Hafnarfirði og fer fram á ensku. Meðfylgjandi er námskeiðskynning frá Nicole á ensku

“True riding mastery can only be reached by the person who, for years and years, has kept his mind open to new ideas, and even he should always be prepared to admit that there is still much to be learned”

Friday 18.30-21.00
Intro Session – WHY YOGA AND HORSE RIDINGÂ plus 90 minute class experiencing the basic methods of meditation, breathing and the physical practice – creating awareness, developing sensitivity, and connection of the riders body and mind. By learning these simple techniques you will increase harmony and focus with your equine partner to be able to flow effortlessly into the next dimension of horsemanship

Saturday 10.00-12.30
Analyzing the typical horse riders mind and body plus 90 minute Yoga practice rediscovering the correct alignment of the body, acknowledging strengths and weaknesses and how the rider can better balance himself off the horse

Saturday 14.00-16.30
Yoga on the Horse – Putting it to the test – Group I and II riders and ground working, combining basic warm up exercise on and off the horse in a fun and playful session.

Sunday 10.00-12.30
The Student and The Horse – For teachers and trainers, how to integrate yoga into your teaching/training practice with your own students and horses plus 90 minute yoga practice

Sunday 14.00-17.00
Yoga on the Horse – Practice integrating the program’s teachings to the rider – combing basic competition warm ups and cool downs for the rider. Questions and Closing

v PRICE – Early Bird Registration and Payment by 15 November – ISK35,000,price after 15 November – ISK 41,000
vREGISTRATIONÂ & PAYMENT – Sportfengur.com veljið námskeið síðan Hestmannnafélagið Sörli.
The ancient practices of traditional yoga and classical horsemanship in their purest form encourage compassion, kindness and awareness for yourself and your horse, teaching you to allow, listen and gently push the edges to excel in performance. The timeless studies of yoga and riding involve endless journeys of self discovery and growth, developing an infinite source of knowledge and wisdom in those who choose to combine these two inseparable arts Join Nicole Gibbard, English, who has spent over 20 years breaking, training and competing horses and over 15 years practicing yoga. She runs many yoga and horse riding retreats around Europe, and is based in Zurich, Switzerland

Nicole will also be available for private bookings should you have a repetitive injury, blockage, or weakness that you would like to specifically work on and heal. Please feel free to contact for further details: